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updated September 30, 2013

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Please contact us if you need more information. We're happy to help with technical issues to do with scanning if we can.

More Details

Original materials: We're looking for original scans of archival materials. We can't use files from commercially available ebooks, pdfs and so on. Even where the material might not be covered by copyright, it wouldn't be fair.

Copyright: Copyright law is complex. Rule #1 is that if it's a book, like a Chilton's manual, it's covered by copyright and we will not post it on our site. Please refer to for more information on copyrights.

Quality: Flat bed scans are essential for printed materials. Hand-held camera photos won't do. We're not concerned about storage space. You can upload files of up to 30 MB or so each. You can upload as many as you wish. If you have a scan of a large manual of several hundred pages, you don't need to sacrifice quality by compressing it into a pdf. Just upload all the pages individually.

Security: We're pretty much on the honor (honour) system here. We'll be checking daily for new uploads. Please let us know if you spot something objectionable, and please let us know when you upload something really cool for the site!